The Future of Food

How the food industry might look a decade from now—and what it means for all the industries it touches.

Adapting to Uncertainty

The year is 2030. A restaurant operator has just ordered a package of lab-grown protein patties on Amazon. It will be loaded onto an electric van and delivered the next day. A hungry grocery store customer will order their groceries via AI voice bot and it will arrive in a box made of sugar cane and bamboo. The produce sold in retail and used on the menu in restaurants is all grown vertically. Read on to learn about those scenarios and more as our editors look at the industries they specialize in—10 years in the future.

Future of Food

“How are we going to create crops with less resources, less land? How are we going to provide transparent supply chains so people know where their products come from and can track them all the way back to the farm?”

—Brian Frank, general partner with FTW Ventures

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The amount by which vertical farming increases yields


Investment in ag-tech in 2019


The amount of waste that consists of containers and food packaging


The amount of riders who said a self-driving car was similar or superior to a human-driven one

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Future of Food

“We're starting to see all these amazing scientific and technological breakthroughs that have an impact on the world.”

—Brian Frank, general partner with FTW Ventures

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The Future of the Supply Chain

Expect lots of small changes, but there's no magic bullet on the horizon.

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