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Food continues to take on new forms and formats. A fish fillet can be grown in a dish; a four-course meal can be enjoyed in the car. The pandemic has sped up some of that innovation while also adding a level of uncertainty: How will food be produced, packaged, transported and consumed differently when all this is over? Here’s a look at the people and processes at the center of those questions.

The coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life as we know it, including how we eat. With more meals arriving in a bag and being consumed at home, chefs consider the long-term impacts it could have on our food experience.

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“It can’t just be the conversation of just putting food in the hands of schools, but doing it in a way to build resilient communities that prioritize BIPOC farmers that have been left out and have not been part of the conversation.”

—Krystal Oriadha, senior director of programs and policy at the National Farm to School Network

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Grocery Business

European Companies Team on a Shopping Mall for Grocery Pickup

A technology company and a last-mile delivery firm have teamed to roll out co-located banks of multibrand automated grocery storage lockers called Delipop, preparing for rollout in France.

Grocery Business

UNFI Rolls Out All-Electric Refrigerated Trailer Fleet

The new units out of the wholesaler’s distribution center in Riverside, Calif., get out in front of zero-emission mandates as diesel-powered predecessors go to the garage for retrofitting.

Grocery Business

Kroger Looks to the Skies With Drone Delivery Test

The retailer says the partnership with Drone Express, to begin testing this week near Cincinnati, will offer a strategic option to meet customers needing small deliveries—at home and on the road.

Grocery Business

The Calculus of the Batch

From the quick-twitch viewpoint of the contract-based delivery driver, not all gigs—nor retailers—are created equal.

Grocery Business

Kroger CEO Lauds 'Monumental Day' as Ocado Facilities Zip to Life

Officials in a press event said the long-awaited opening of robotic fulfillment centers will usher in a new era of quality and reliability in grocery e-commerce—and deliver the retailer to new places, too.

Grocery Business

Cleveron Unveils Remote Delivery Vehicle

Now testing in Estonia, the 701 is an adaptable electric delivery vehicle piloted by an off-site operator.

Restaurant Business

How cell-based seafood could become the next catch of the day

Companies are working to grow fish filets from cells. They just need U.S. regulatory agencies to approve their creations before restaurants can sell it.

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Amount of restaurant patrons last year who said their most recent white-tablecloth meal had been eaten while traveling in a car, up from 3% in 2019, according to Technomic


Amount plant-based items will grow on menus by the end of 2022, according to Technomic


Increase in orders of spicy chicken sandwiches on Grubhub last year compared to 2019, according to Grubhub


Amount by which commercial waste decreased during the pandemic; residential waste rose 15%, according to the Food Packaging Institute

“You have all the positives of fish, all of the flavor, with no mercury or plastics or pollutants, in a highly sustainable product.”

–Lou Cooperhouse, CEO of cell-based seafood company BlueNalu

Restaurant Business

For foodservice distributors, a future filled with uncertainty

As the restaurant industry changes, the distributors that supply it face changes and a lot of complexities.

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Grocery Business

Changes to Food Production Are Coming Fast and Furiously

Four major movements will affect what we eat and how food is grown.

CSP Daily News

A New Definition of Meals on Wheels

Autonomous vehicles can open new branding and eating occasions for food marketers

Grocery Business

The Food Store of the Future

Transformative technologies and intensifying consumer trends toward health and convenience will cast a radical new footprint for the supermarket.

Restaurant Business

In Search of the Next Major Protein Source

Going beyond beef and chicken, experts are looking to science and nature.

Restaurant Business

Futurist Sees Big Changes Ahead for Foodservice

Brian Frank, general partner with FTW Ventures, shares his expert insights.

Restaurant Business

The Future of the Supply Chain

Expect lots of small changes, but there's no magic bullet on the horizon.

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